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Incorporating Other Source Lists
document, display the Source Manager, click the source you want to use, and
click Copy. Add the sources you want to the Current List and click Close to close
the Source Manager. Those sources will now be available when you choose Insert
Citation from the Citations & Bibliography group.
Incorporating Other Source Lists
If you are collaborating on a document, you might need to share your resources with
others or work with the sources others have compiled. You can add other source lists to your
Master List by following these steps:
1. On the References tab, click Manage Sources to display the Source Manager.
In the Source Manager, click Browse.
3. The Open Source List dialog box appears, with the Bibliography folder selected. If
necessary, navigate to the folder containing the source list you want to add to the
current document.
4. Select the file and click OK to add the sources to the Master List.
Inserting a Citation
Now that you’ve selected the style and added the sources you will be referencing in your
document, inserting a citation is simple.
1. Click where you want to add the citation.
2. On the References tab, click Insert Citation in the Citations & Bibliography group.
3. A list of available sources appears, as shown in Figure 10-17. Click the source you
want to add. The reference is inserted at the cursor position.
Figure 10-17 After you create sources, you can add citations easily with Insert Citation.
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