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Editing Citation and Sources
Editing Citation and Sources
After you insert a citation, you might decide that you want to change the way the item is
referenced or modify the information in the citation. To edit the citation, right-click it and
choose Edit Citation. The small Edit Citation dialog box appears, in which you can enter
different values for the citation fields or suppress their display. Type the new information and
click OK to save your changes.
If you are working with Track Changes on, right-clicking displays the Accept/Reject
Changes options. If you are using Track Changes and want to edit a citation, click the
arrow on the bounding box around the citation to open the correct menu.
When you need to change information in the source reference itself, right-click the citation
in the document and choose Edit Source. (If Track Changes is enabled, click the arrow that
appears when you point to the citation in order to display your options.) In the Edit Source
dialog box, make the necessary changes and click OK to save the edits. The citations in the
document are changed to reflect the modifications.
Adding and Using Placeholders
I f you are working on the draft of your document and find that you don’t have all
the sources you need, don’t worry—you can insert placeholders for the citations and
then add the data when you finally have it. For example, suppose that you are writing
an article for your organization’s newsletter and want to reference a research study on
volunteers and Internet use that you recently read in a professional journal. Instead
of interrupting your writing and looking for the source, you can insert a placeholder
where you want to incorporate the information. Here’s how to do it:
1. Click where you want to add the placeholder.
2. On the References tab, click the Insert Citation arrow and choose Add New
The Placeholder Name dialog box appears so that you can enter a name for the
placeholder. Type the name and click OK.
3. When you’re ready to replace the placeholder with citation data, click Manage
Sources and click the placeholder you want to replace. (Placeholders are
preceded by a question mark.)
4. Type the citation information in the Edit Source dialog box and click OK to save
your changes. The citation is updated in the document automatically.
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