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Generating a Bibliography
Punctuation characters and spaces aren’t accepted in placeholder names. So
when you’re entering a placeholder name, use only letters, numbers, and the
underscore character.
Generating a Bibliography
A good bibliography is a great reader service, providing others with full references they can
use to find more information on the topics introduced in your document. After you add
citations to your document, you can easily create a professional bibliography by using the
Bibliography command in the Citations & Bibliography group.
Begin by positioning the cursor at the point in the document where you want to insert the
bibliography. Then click the Bibliography command. A gallery of bibliography styles opens,
offering you the option of creating a bibliography or a works cited list (see Figure 10-18).
Click the style you want or click Insert Bibliography. The bibliography is then inserted in
your document.
Figure 10-18 Select a bibliography style from the gallery.
You can also create and save your own style of bibliography to the Bibliography gallery.
Create a listing of sources and add the heading you want to use. Then select the list and
heading and click Bibliography in the Citations & Bibliography group. In the Bibliography
gallery, click Save Selection To Bibliography Gallery. The next time you open the gallery to
display bibliography options, your new style will appear.
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