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Moving and Copying Footnotes and Endnotes
My footnotes disappear on my Web page.
If you created a document, complete with footnotes and endnotes, and then saved it
as a Web page, your footnotes haven’t disappeared completely—they’ve simply been
moved to the end of the Web document. The footnote reference marks are turned into
hyperlinks so that you can access the footnotes easily from any point within the page.
Just click the hyperlinked reference mark to bring you directly to the footnote. To
return to the previous page, click your browser’s Back button.
Moving and Copying Footnotes and Endnotes
If you want to move a footnote or endnote from one position to another, drag the footnote
or endnote marker in the text to the new location. If you want to move the mark to a
location that’s too far away to drag, you can cut and paste the mark by using Ctrl+X to cut and
Ctrl+V to paste.
If the position to which you move the footnote precedes another footnote, Word
changes the numbering automatically.
If you have a footnote or endnote you plan to use more than once, you can copy a note
reference mark instead of typing a duplicate entry. Simply select the note reference mark
and then press and hold Ctrl while dragging the mark to the new place in the document.
Deleting Footnotes and Endnotes
When you want to remove a footnote or endnote from your document, go to the place in
the document where the note reference mark appears and delete it. Simply removing the
text in the Footnotes or Endnotes pane doesn’t remove the note itself—Word will still keep
the note reference mark in place and reserve the space at the bottom or end of your
document for the note content.
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