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Adding a Cross-Reference
Adding a Cross-Reference
If you’re working with master documents and subdocuments, be sure to maximize the
master document by clicking Expand Subdocuments in the Master Documents group on the
Outlining tab. This makes all text accessible before you enter cross-references.
When you’re ready to create a cross-reference, start by placing the insertion point where
you want the cross-reference to appear in your document. Then follow these steps:
1. Add the text that refers to the cross-reference (for example, you might use a phrase
such as “To review the results of our survey, see”).
2. On the References tab, click Cross-reference in the Captions group. The
Crossreference dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 10-21.
Figure 10-21 Cross-references enable you to point readers to different elements in your
3. Click the Reference type arrow and then make your selection. You can choose from
the following document elements:
Numbered Item Lists all the text entries beginning with a number
heading Shows all headings based on Word’s outline levels or Heading 1, 2,
or 3 styles
Bookmark Displays all the bookmarks currently listed in the document
Footnote Shows all the footnotes inserted in the document
Endnote Lists the endnotes you have created
Equation Shows any equations you’ve inserted in the document
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