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Modifying, Moving, and Updating Cross-References
Make a Reference Relative
By selecting the Include Above/Below check box in the Cross-reference dialog box,
you can have Word create a relative reference to a cross-reference you enter. Create
your cross-reference as usual. Then, in the Insert reference to list box, after selecting
the item you want inserted, select the Include Above/Below check box. If the insertion
point is on the same page as the section or item referenced, Word will insert “above” or
“below,” based on the position of the reference. If you want to move a cross-reference,
simply select the reference in your document and then cut and paste it as you would
normally. Once you have the reference in the location you want, press F9. Word
updates the reference and makes the connection to the new location. If you want to
update all references in a document, select the entire document before pressing F9.
When you want to delete a cross-reference, simply select the reference and then delete
it as you would any other text.
Cross-referencing in my document produces an error message.
If you go through the steps to create a cross-reference and instead of the reference you
expect, you get an error message saying, “Error! Reference source not found,” check
to make sure that the information you’re referring to hasn’t been removed from your
document. If the item is still in your document, but the reference still displays an error
message, try fixing the problem by selecting the cross-reference and pressing F9 to
update the reference. If the problem is caused by a broken link or a moved reference,
the item should now be displayed properly.
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