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Enhancing Your User Experience
The changes in Word 2010 offer new and improved features in three key areas:
Creating a better user experience. The Ribbon—which was introduced with Word
2007—can now be fully customized, which means that you can create your own tabs
and tab groups. And now Backstage view brings together all the tools you need to
set program preferences, work with files, and protect and share your content. Other
user experience enhancements include the Navigation pane, which enhances the
power of your search capabilities, and Paste with Live Preview, which enables you to
preview various paste options before you add content to your document.
Improvements in authoring. Co-authoring, also known as simultaneous editing,
is the big story in authoring features for Word 2010, but you’ll also find great new
image features and text effects that help your content really stand out. What’s more,
now you can use high-end typographic features through the OpenType fonts that
support them, including ligatures, kerning, stylistic sets, and more.
Word power in new contexts. The idea of taking Word beyond the desktop
becomes reality in Word 2010. Now you can move from desktop to Web to
smartphone to server—and back again—using any of the various access choices for Word
2010. You can also run Word 2010 on 64-bit systems to take advantage of the full
processing power your computer possesses.
The sections that follow give you a quick introduction to each of these features in more
Enhancing Your User Experience
Word 2010 is all about flexibility—putting more power in your hands and giving you the
tools to tailor the program to work the way you do. These are some of the top
enhancements that will make your user experience a more pleasant one in Word 2010:
Customizable Ribbon. You can easily add your own tabs and tab groups to the
Ribbon in Word 2010. Suppose that you regularly create reports introducing the new
products your company introduces. You can add tab groups that give you easy access
to the tools you use for preparing, formatting, and reviewing the documents you are
charged with producing (see Figure 1-1).
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