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Paragraph Basics in Word 2010
Showing Specific Formatting Marks
The Show/Hide button in the Paragraph group provides a quick way to display all
formatting marks, such as paragraph marks, spaces, tab characters, and other marks that
indicate special formatting. In some cases, you might find you want to display only
specific formatting marks. You can easily alter your display to show specific formatting
marks as follows:
1. On the File tab, click Options and then click Display.
2. Under the heading titled Always Show These Formatting Marks On The Screen,
select the formatting marks you want to display. For example, select only
Paragraph Marks to show only paragraph marks. Click OK to close Word Options.
After you specify which formatting marks you want to display, those marks will appear
in your document, regardless of whether you click Show/Hide. (Note that Show/Hide
continues to show all formatting marks when you toggle the button on, regardless of
your Display settings.) To hide formatting marks activated using the Display settings,
you’ll need to revisit Word Options to reconigure the formatting marks.
Before you begin changing the formats in your document, let’s review an important
consideration—the efficiency of your formatting. In Word 2010, you can format paragraphs by
setting the following paragraph formatting parameters:
Paragraph alignment
Spacing between lines
Spacing before and after paragraphs
Line and page breaks
You can apply these formats to every single instance that you want them to appear, but if
you find you need to change an indent throughout your document, do you want to
painstakingly select every instance of the indent and change it? Or would you rather specify
your preferred indent setting in a single change and have the indents update automatically
throughout the document?
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