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Managing AutoFormat Effectively
If the latter sounds more appealing, then for primary formats—such as the main
formatting of individual paragraphs—consider using styles. Styles provide flexibility not only
by enabling you to modify document formats simply by modifying the style (covered in
Chapter 12, “Applying and Customizing Quick Styles”), but they also enable you to format
content more efficiently by applying many formats to text with a single click of the mouse.
Whether your formatting plan is to create or modify styles for your formatting needs
(which can be accomplished by picking up formats already in use in your document), or
to apply direct formatting throughout your document without implementing styles,
paragraph formatting will be fundamentally the same.
Managing AutoFormat Effectively
Word includes a number of automatic formatting features that are meant to make your life
easier. But sometimes instead of streamlining formatting tasks, the automatic features
confuse things by indenting lists you don’t want indented or inserting numbers in places you’d
rather not have them.
But the good news is that you have control over these automatic features. You can turn
each feature on and off and control the items you want Word to change on the fly. This
section explores the ins and outs of AutoFormat and shows you how to master the various
settings so that it behaves the way you want it to—as a help and not a hindrance.
One of the first confusing aspects is that you actually control AutoFormat choices in two
different places in Word. The AutoFormat tab of the AutoCorrect dialog box (see Figure
11-2) contains the commands that AutoFormat corrects by default while you’re using the
program. The AutoFormat As You Type tab (see Figure 11-3) shows you the elements that
will be corrected automatically as you type new content. For users who are having a
difficult time getting the format just the way they want it in their documents, it’s the settings in
the AutoFormat As You Type tab that confound them.
If you have other languages and/or keyboards installed on your system, you might see
additional choices displayed in the AutoFormat dialog box.
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