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Adjusting AutoFormat Choices
AutoFormat Setting
Description and Use
*Bold* And _Italic_ With Real
A word surrounded by asterisks or underscores is
formatted as bold and italic, respectively; the asterisks and
underscores are removed
Internet And Network Paths With
Automatically converts recognized URLs, network paths,
and e-mail addresses to hyperlinks
Ordinals (1st) With Superscript
Inserts ordinals (such as 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd ) when you type
fullsized ordinals
Hyphens (--) With Dash (—)
Replaces two consecutive hyphens (--) with an em dash
(—); for an en dash (–), type a space before and after
two consecutive hyphens ( -- )
Automatic Bulleted Lists
An asterisk (*) followed by a tab at the beginning of a
line is converted to a bulleted list
Border Lines
Three consecutive symbols, such as ~,#,*, -,_,= at the
beginning of a line are converted to borders
Built-In Heading Styles
Automatically formats short paragraphs (without a
period) with Heading styles after pressing Enter twice; a
short paragraph at the beginning of the line is
formatted with Heading 1, a tab preceding a short paragraph
is formatted with Heading 2, two tabs followed by a
short paragraph is formatted with Heading 3, and so on
Automatic Numbered Lists
A number followed by a period and a tab or space at
the beginning of a line is converted to a numbered list;
numbers not followed by a period, along with a tab or
at least two spaces, can be converted to a numbered
list after pressing Enter
A series of vertical bars ( | ) and underscores ( _ ) are
converted to tables after pressing Enter; entry must
start and end with a vertical bar
Format Beginning Of List Item
Like The One Before It
Applies identical formatting to the second and
consecutive items in a list; formatting of last character, even
a space, determines format
Set Left And First Indent With
Tabs And Backspace
Pressing Tab at the beginning of a previously typed
paragraph formats the paragraph with a First Line
Indent; pressing Backspace after Tab formats the
paragraph with a Left Indent
Define Styles Based On Your
Applies built-in styles that match paragraph formatting;
it is recommended that this option be left turned off
because it doesn’t always function and, when it does,
you have no control over which style is applied
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