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Enhancing Your User Experience
Figure 1-1 You can easily customize the Word 2010 Ribbon to add tabs and tab groups
(as demonstrated on the Share tab in this image) that it the way you use the program.
For specific steps on tailoring the Ribbon to include the tools and tabs you want, see
Chapter 2, “Managing Your Documents with Backstage View..
Navigation pane. The Navigation pane combines the best of the Find tool with
Outline view and thumbnail displays, giving you three different ways to navigate
the content in your document. You can search by heading, by thumbnail, or by text
phrase. Additionally, you can use Word’s Find and Replace tools from the Navigation
pane and browse through the objects in your document as well.
Paste with Live Preview. Word users copy, cut, and paste information all the
time. In fact, Word users undo paste operations more than any other—at least in
part because in previous versions of the program, you didn’t always get the results
you expected when you pasted information. Whether you are copying and pasting
text, pictures, objects, headings, lines, charts, diagrams, or shapes, you need to make
choices about the way in which you want the information pasted into your
document. The new Paste with Live Preview makes it possible for you to preview the way
the information will look before you click to paste it in your document. This builds
more flexibility into a very common task, saving you time and trouble by enabling
you to paste the information the way you want it—the first time.
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