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Using the Ruler to Align Paragraphs
Figure 11-4 The left margin sets the beginning point for ruler measurement.
To change the unit of measure displayed on your ruler, click Options on the File tab
then click Advanced. In the Display area, change the unit in the Show Measurements In
Units Of list.
Adjusting Left and Right Indents
To use the ruler to adjust left and right indents, click within the paragraph or select the
paragraphs you want to adjust then drag the Left Indent or Right Indent marker on the ruler.
If you find that the divisions and tick marks on the ruler are difficult to use when you need
precise alignment, you can obtain more accuracy by holding Alt (or press and hold both
mouse buttons) as you as drag the indent marks as shown here:
Note that when you drag the Left Indent marker, the First Line Indent and Hanging Indent
marker will also move.
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