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Aligning Paragraphs by Using the Paragraph Dialog Box
INSIDE OUT Overriding the Drawing Grid
When you use the ruler, if object snapping is enabled, the Drawing Grid is also in effect.
By default, the horizontal grid is 0.13 inches, or 0.33 centimeters, which means when
you drag the indent markers or other elements, such as a manual tab, they will snap to
these increments (note that this does not apply when you initially add a manual tab).
When you hold the Alt key, you override the object snapping, which enables you to
align content to any measurement, not just to the points on the Drawing Grid. To view
the Drawing Grid settings, click Align in the Arrange group on the Page Layout tab
then click Grid Settings.
Creating First Line and Hanging Indents
You can use the ruler to create a hanging indent or a first line indent, as illustrated below.
To do so, click in the paragraph you want to format (or select multiple paragraphs) and
then drag the First Line Indent marker (the one on top) left or right to the desired location,
as shown here:
You can press Ctrl+T to create a hanging indent that aligns body text with the first tab
marker. (By default, tabs are set every 0.5 inch, or 1.27 centimeters.) To “unhang” an
indent, you can press Ctrl+Shift+T, regardless of how the hanging indent was created.
If the paragraph contains a first line indent, pressing Ctrl+T will create a Left Indent.
Aligning Paragraphs by Using the Paragraph Dialog Box
Another way you can align the paragraphs in your document is to use the Paragraph dialog
box, which offers its own set of advantages. For example, as shown in Figure 11-5, because
the Paragraph box provides a number of settings in one convenient place, you can set
multiple paragraph formatting options easily at one time.
To display the Paragraph dialog box, on the Home tab, click the dialog launcher in the
lower-right corner of the Paragraph group. Alternatively, you can right-click a paragraph
(or selected paragraphs) then click Paragraph.
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