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Addressing Spacing Issues
Special and By Controls the paragraph’s first line and hanging indentation. The
Special list box has three options: (None), First Line, and Hanging. The (None) option
is selected by default. To specify the first line indent, enter a value in the By text box.
The Special list box changes to display First Line automatically. For a hanging indent,
select Hanging from the Special list and enter a value in the By text box.
You can configure other paragraph settings in the Paragraph dialog box, including
paragraph spacing parameters, as you’ll see next.
Addressing Spacing Issues
The default spacing in Word 2010 uses 10 points of space after each paragraph and 1.15
lines of space between the lines of a paragraph. This spacing makes documents easier to
read online. Interestingly, if you are accustomed to using single spacing and adding an
empty paragraph mark to create space between paragraphs, if you use the new defaults
instead of single spacing and empty paragraphs, approximately three additional lines are
added per page.
If your documents aren’t required to follow a specific standard, consider giving the
new spacing defaults a few days prior to deciding if you prefer them or not. You might
find that you prefer the extra space once you get used to it—and giving readers’ eyes a
break on a text-filled page is always a good way to encourage them to keep reading.
Additionally, using empty paragraphs to create empty lines can end up causing you more
work in the end—especially when you are sorting, copying, and pasting content. When you
sort multiple paragraphs, the empty paragraph marks are sorted to the top of your sorted
paragraphs, and you need to delete them and manually add them back. And when you
copy and paste paragraphs, you might need to manually add and remove the empty
paragraph marks.
Long gone are the days when you had to press Enter twice at the end of each paragraph or
use tricks such as selecting a paragraph mark and changing the font size to add or increase
the space between paragraphs. As you will see in the section “Adjusting Spacing Above and
Below Paragraphs” on page 346 , adding paragraph spacing is a simple matter of configuring
paragraph settings the way you want them. You can easily adjust paragraph spacing at any
time in your documents—before, during, or after you enter text—to help improve
readability. In particular, you can control line spacing within paragraphs as well as specify the
amount of space above and below paragraphs.
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