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Addressing Spacing Issues
If you want to omit space between some paragraphs—such as for an address block—insert
a manual line break by pressing Shift+Enter after each line in the address block instead of
pressing Enter to begin a new paragraph.
If you want to change the new default spacing for the entire document, or for all new
documents based on the Normal template, you can use styles to do the trick. See
Chapter 12 for more about creating and working with styles.
INSIDE OUT Cleaning Up Empty Paragraph Marks
If you previously used empty paragraphs to create space between paragraphs and
now prefer to use formatted space instead, you can easily clean up documents that
have empty paragraph marks by using the Find And Replace tool. When you press
Enter twice, you create a pattern of two paragraph marks in sequence. Using Find And
Replace, you can find each occurrence of two paragraph marks and replace each set
with a single paragraph mark. To do so, follow these steps:
1. On the Home tab, click Replace in the Editing group and then click More.
2. Place your cursor in the Find What text box, click the Special button, and then
click Paragraph Mark. You should see in the Find What text box. Click the ^p
Special button again and click Paragraph Mark. You should now see ^p^p in
the Find What text box.
3. Place your cursor in the Replace With text box, click the Special button, and then
click Paragraph Mark. (Alternatively, type ^p.)
4. Click Replace All and confirm the replacement. (You might need to click Replace
All multiple times until you have replaced all occurrences of multiple paragraph
marks because in the case where several paragraph marks appear together, Word
will replace only one in the series at a time.)
5. Click Close to close the Find And Replace dialog box.
After you have removed multiple paragraph marks, you can use formatted space
between paragraphs to format your document.
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