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Specifying Line Spacing
If you have several documents in which you need to clean up multiple paragraph
marks, consider recording a macro using your Find And Replace steps. For more on
how to record macros and add them to your Quick Access Toolbar or assign a keyboard
shortcut, see Chapter 28, “Working with Macros in Word 2010.”
Specifying Line Spacing
In Word, you can adjust line spacing in several ways, including using the Ribbon, keyboard
shortcuts, and the Paragraph dialog box. One quick way to configure a paragraph’s line
spacing is to click in the paragraph you want to configure (or select multiple paragraphs)
and then click the Line Spacing tool (on the Home tab, in the Paragraph group). Line
Spacing offers the following options: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0. Selecting a number instantly
adjusts the selected paragraphs’ line spacing. If you select Line Spacing Options, the
Paragraph dialog box appears.
You can use the Paragraph dialog box to adjust paragraph line spacing to a precise 1/10 of
a point by using the Line Spacing option in conjunction with the At text box on the Indents
And Spacing tab (shown previously in Figure 11-5). The Line Spacing list box provides the
following options:
Single Accommodates the largest font per line plus a small amount of extra space
to create the appearance of a single-spaced paragraph.
1.5 Lines Inserts 1.5 times the space allotted for a single line space to the selected
Double Inserts twice the space allotted for a single line space to the selected
At Least Sets a minimum amount of space for each line as specified in the At text
box. When Word encounters a larger font size or a graphic that won’t it in the
minimum space, it increases that line’s spacing to accommodate the text or graphic.
Exactly Forces Word to apply an exact line spacing, as specified in the At text box,
regardless of what size text or graphics Word encounters. (Otherwise, Word
accommodates the largest text or graphic in a line by default.) If Word encounters text or
graphics too large to it in the allotted line space, the text or graphics will appear cut
off in your document.
Multiple Enables you to use the At text box to specify a line spacing setting from
0.06 through 132 lines, in increments of 1/100 of a line. This option provides
extraine control over line spacing.
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