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Adjusting Spacing Above and Below Paragraphs
Last but not least, you can quickly adjust a paragraph’s line spacing by clicking in a
paragraph or selecting multiple paragraphs and then pressing any of the following keyboard
Ctrl+1 applies single-line spacing to selected paragraphs.
Ctrl+2 applies double-line spacing to selected paragraphs.
Ctrl+5 applies 1.5-line spacing to selected paragraphs.
Adjusting Spacing Above and Below Paragraphs
In addition to adjusting spacing between lines within paragraphs, you can configure the
space displayed above and below paragraphs instead of adding an empty paragraph mark.
By using this method to add space, you’re not limited to separating paragraphs by one
or two lines; you can separate paragraphs by 0.5 inch, 3 points, and so forth. In addition,
if you use spacing consistently within your document, and you find that your document
(or a section within your document) runs a little long or comes up a little short, you can
select the entire document, a section, or a few paragraphs, and adjust the paragraph
spacing options by using the Paragraph dialog box to tighten up or lengthen your document
in just a few steps. For additional tips on fitting text, see Chapter 14, “Printing Documents
To add spacing above and below selected paragraphs, follow these steps:
1. Click in the paragraph you want to configure, or select multiple paragraphs.
2. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the dialog launcher then click
Indents And Spacing.
3. Enter values in the Before and After text boxes in the Spacing section then click OK.
The Before and After spacing options require you to specify in points how much
space to insert before and after paragraphs. Keep in mind that 72 points equals
1 inch.
You can also type other units of measure after the value, and they will be converted
to points. Use cm for centimeters, in for inches, and li for line. For example, .6 li will
be converted to 7.2 points.
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