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Controlling Alignment by Using Tabs
Figure 11-6 You can use a variety of tabs to align content in your Word document.
New documents based on the default Normal template include automatic tab stops every
0.5 inch, or 1.27 centimeters, but these tab stops don’t appear in the ruler. You can adjust
the default tab stop setting, add custom tabs, clear all tabs, and create tabs with leader
lines. To adjust tabs, use the ruler or Tabs dialog box, as discussed in the following sections.
My text keeps shifting to the next tab stop.
If you have used tabs to align text and have needed to add a few more text characters
within the tabbed text, you might find that the text shifts to the next tab stop even
though there appears to be ample room. The underlying issue is too many automatic
tabs or a combination of spaces and tabs to align the text. An example of text aligned
at the 3-inch mark on the ruler using automatic tabs is shown here:
Note the 6 tab characters preceding the text (spaces weren’t added for this example).
Each time the default automatic tabs are set and you press the Tab key, 0.5 inch of
space will be reserved for each tab character. If you add text at the beginning of the
line, and if it exceeds 0.5 inch, then the text following the tab, or tabs, will shift as
shown here:
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