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Better Authoring Features
Backstage view. In Backstage view you have access to all the tools you’ll use to
create, save, open, share, protect, and print the files you create. Backstage view
simplifies many of the most common file management tasks and gives you access to
program information, Word Options, and Help choices (see Figure 1-2).
Figure 1-2 Backstage view pulls together all the tools you need to work with files and
program preferences.
Better Authoring Features
Many different features in Word 2010 are designed to improve your authoring experience
so that you can create content that accomplishes the goal you’re reaching for. Some of the
top authoring features include:
Co-authoring in real time. Word 2010 lets more than one person work in a file
at the same time. You can communicate with other authors as you work and easily
see where changes are being made in the document (see Figure 1-3). What’s more,
the co-authoring feature helps you resolve any editing conflicts that might arise (for
example, perhaps you and a co-author have edited the same paragraph in different
ways and Word can help you resolve the issue).
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