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Clearing Manual Tabs
3. Type a tab location—such as 1.75 (inches) or 4.45 (centimeters)—in the Tab Stop
Position text box.
In the Alignment section, specify whether you want to create a left, center, right,
decimal, or bar tab by choosing the respective option.
5. Select a leader line style, if desired, and then click Set. The manual tab will be listed in
the Tab Stop Position list box.
6. Add more manual tabs, if desired, by repeating steps 3–5. Then click OK to close the
Tabs dialog box when you’ve finished.
To change the default tab and indent setting (used when you click Increase Indent or
Decrease Indent on the Home tab), you can type a new setting in the Default Tab Stops text
box in the Tabs dialog box. For example, you could change the default 0.5-inch setting to
0.75 inch. The default setting is used if manual tabs aren’t set when you press Tab or click
the Increase Indent and Decrease Indent buttons.
Clearing Manual Tabs
Just as you can add manual tabs using the horizontal ruler and the Tabs dialog box, you can
also clear manual tabs using these same tools. You can even clear all tabs at one time if you
want to remove all the tabs you’ve set previously and start again. To remove tabs, select the
paragraph(s) you want to modify, and then perform one of the following procedures:
Drag the tab markers off the ruler. (Simply click a tab marker and drag it down into
the document area.)
Display the Tabs dialog box (press Alt+O+T or double-click an existing tab marker in
the Ruler), select the tab you want to delete, and then click Clear.
Display the Tabs dialog box and click Clear All.
Ruler options are unavailable when multiple paragraphs are selected.
In some instances, you might want to modify several paragraphs that have different
tab settings so that they all have consistent tab settings. You can do so using both the
horizontal ruler and the Tab dialog box. The easiest way to accomplish this task is by
performing the following steps:
1. Select the paragraph(s) you want to format. If the tab markers in the horizontal
ruler appear shaded or dimmed, the tab settings aren’t currently applied to the
entire selection. (You probably already know this, so the dimmed tab markers
shouldn’t faze you.)
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