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Taking Control of Hyphenation
Keep Lines Together Prevents page breaks from occurring within a paragraph. If a
page break is needed, Word moves the entire paragraph to the next page.
Keep With Next Prevents a page break from occurring between the selected
paragraph and the following paragraph. This feature can be useful when you’re using
paragraphs that work together to create a single element, such as a table and a table
caption or a heading and the following paragraph. (Note that the Heading styles use
this format by default.)
If you want to keep a group of paragraphs or rows in a Word table together, omit
the last element in the group when using the Keep With Next pagination format.
Page Break Before Inserts a page break before the selected paragraph. Typically
this format is used in a style, such as Heading 1, used for chapter headings so that
each chapter will automatically start on a new page when the Heading 1 style is
applied. For more on styles, see Chapter 12.
The Tight Wrap option affects the way in which paragraphs wrap around text boxes. When
you select a text box in your document, the Tight Wrap list offers choices you use to control
the way the text wraps around the box:
You can experiment with the text lows around the selected text box to see the effects of
the different choices. You can also select Tight Wrap options in addition to the other
settings on the Line And Page Breaks tab to keep important information together.
Taking Control of Hyphenation
Once upon a time, long before Word 2010 was a glimmer in anyone’s eye, writers and
editors had to insert hyphens at the appropriate points when words broke from one line to the
next in a document. Thank goodness that for several Word incarnations now, hyphenation
has been handled automatically for us. However, there might be times when you want
to control whether—and how—hyphenation is used in your document. You might need
to decide, for example, whether you’re going to hyphenate words at the ends of lines to
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