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Creating Drop Caps in Existing Paragraphs
Figure 11-10 When you choose manual mode, Word prompts you to make a choice about
If hyphenation is not enabled in the selected portion of the document, the Manual
Hyphenation dialog box will not be displayed.
Creating Drop Caps in Existing Paragraphs
A popular design feature frequently associated with introductory paragraphs is drop caps.
Drop caps are the large letters that appear at the very beginning of chapters or sections,
and they can give the opening of your document a creative, stylized look.
Word 2010 provides an easy way for you to add drop caps to paragraphs. When you use
the Drop Cap feature, Word increases the font size of the first letter of a paragraph and
places it in a frame. After the drop cap is automatically created and situated, you can
further modify it. To create a drop cap, follow these steps:
1. Click in the paragraph that you want to customize with a drop cap, or, if you want to
enlarge more than just the first letter in the paragraph, select the letters or word(s)
you want to format as drop caps.
2. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Drop Cap to display the Drop Cap gallery
(see Figure 11-11).
Figure 11-11 A drop cap adds a bit of drama to the opening of your paragraph.
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