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Creating Effective Lists
3. Select Dropped or In Margin to add the drop cap to your paragraph. To control drop
cap settings, click Drop Cap Options to display the Drop Cap dialog box, as shown in
Figure 11-12.
Figure 11-12 Set parameters for the drop cap in the paragraph using the Drop Cap
dialog box.
If you decide not to display a drop cap in your paragraph, you can easily remove the
formatting. To do so, click in the paragraph containing the drop cap, display the Drop Cap
gallery, and then click None.
Finally, note that drop caps appear above your paragraph in Normal view and Outline view.
To see the drop cap effect on the screen as it actually appears, view documents in Web
Page Layout, Print Layout, or Reading Layout views.
Creating Effective Lists
In our time-pressured work world, everybody loves lists. Lists give people reading your
document an easy way to understand what you think are the most important points to
remember. A list might outline key thoughts, reinforce main topics, describe a process, or
capsulize memorable concepts. Adding bulleted and numbered lists to your document can
go a long way toward making your document more readable, which is something for which
your readers will be grateful.
Throughout this topic, both bulleted and numbered lists are referred to simply as lists
because they behave the same way. When you choose a bullet, of course, you’re using a
special symbol, character, or graphic to start a line. When you use a number, you’re
selecting the font, size, and color of the numeral you want to use. In addition, you can use roman
numerals, letters, and other line identifiers in numbered lists.
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