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Ending a List the Way You Want
Options button will appear, enabling you to control the automatic bulleted list feature. If
you want to create the bulleted list, simply continue to type, and the AutoCorrect Options
button will disappear.
Similarly, if you have Automatic Numbered Lists selected in your AutoFormat options, to
create a numbered list while you type, enter a number (you can enter any number, but
generally, you’d probably want to start with the number 1), press Tab, enter text, and press
Enter. Word will format the entry as a numbered list item and display the AutoCorrect
Options button with which you can control the creation of the list. Again, to continue
creating the numbered list, simply continue to type the next numbered list entry.
If you want space added between the list items, rather than pressing Enter twice to add
an empty paragraph between the list items, use formatted space before or after each
paragraph, as described in the section titled “Adjusting Spacing Above and Below
Paragraphs,” on page 346.
A number is bold or is not formatted like the other numbers in the list.
If your numbers are formatted differently from other numbers in the list, the likely
cause is the paragraph mark at the end contains the undesired format.
To resolve this issue, turn on the display of formatting marks (on the Home tab, in the
Paragraph group, click Show/Hide), select the paragraph mark, and then clear the
formatting. For example, if the number is bold, click Bold to remove the format.
Ending a List the Way You Want
One of the challenges users often face with bulleted and numbered lists is that the lists
seem to want to go on forever. After you press Enter on your last list entry, yet another
bullet (or number) shows up. Get rid of the extra bullet or number by doing one of three
Click the Bullets or Numbering button to turn off the feature.
Press Backspace twice to delete the number or bullet and place your cursor at the
left margin. The first time you press Backspace, the cursor will line up below the text
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