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Changing the Bullet Font
Figure 11-14 The Define New Bullet dialog box gives you the means to change the font and
character you use for bullets. You can also change bullet position here.
Click the Symbol and Picture buttons to access additional bullets; use the Font button to
modify the font formatting of your bullet. You learn more about these options in the
sections that follow.
Changing the Bullet Font
When you click Font in the Define New Bullet dialog box, the Font dialog box appears, as
shown in Figure 11-15. Here you can select a typeface and change font settings for
bullet characters. Symbol is the default font selected for bullets, which offers you a variety of
shapes and symbols you can apply as a bullet character. You might want to choose one of
the Wingdings fonts or another symbols font you have installed on your computer. This
enables you to select the bullet character you want to use from the variety of symbols
included in the font.
Figure 11-15 The Font dialog box enables you to change a bullet character’s typeface, style,
color, and text effects.
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