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Using a Picture Bullet
Using a Picture Bullet
For documents that can be a little more creative than your run-of-the-mill business
prospectus, who wouldn’t love picture bullets? A good picture bullet that its your document
can add a splash of visual interest that might help to keep your reader reading.
What is a picture bullet? It’s a graphic image that’s small enough to use as a bullet character.
Word offers a range of picture bullet styles and shapes, including animated bullets that you
can use in documents that will be used online. To display the Picture Bullet dialog box and
see the available offerings, click the arrow next to Bullet on the Home tab, click Define New
Bullet, and then click Picture. The Picture Bullet dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 11-17.
Figure 11-17 Picture bullet options appear in a dialog box that includes a Search Text option.
To select a picture bullet, you simply click the one you want and click OK. Word adds the
picture bullet to the Bullet gallery.
If you don’t see a picture bullet that you want to use in the Picture Bullet dialog box, enter
text in the Search Text box and click Go. Word will search clip art and online files. Online
bullet options appear with an image of the world in the lower-left corner of the preview
picture. Further, animated bullets (bullets that have small movements, size changes, or color
changes when the bullet is viewed online on a Web page) appear with a star in the
lowerright corner of a preview picture, as you see in the top-left bullet in Figure 11-17.
Improving Numbered Lists
Like bulleted lists, numbered lists enable you to make your own choices about the look
and format of the numerals used. Many procedures you use to customize bulleted lists can
also be used to fine-tune numbered lists. Most notably, in numbered lists, you can make
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