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Choosing a Numbering Scheme
modifications by specifying a font, selecting the number style you want, and choosing the
number and text position of the items in your list.
Choosing a Numbering Scheme
The style of your numbers can add character to numbered lists. Depending on the nature
of your publication, you might use simple traditional characters or larger, colorful
characters. Begin by selecting the numbered list you want to change, or position your cursor in an
empty paragraph in which you want to start your list, and on the Home tab, click the arrow
next to Numbering, and then click a numbering format. Figure 11-18 shows the Numbering
Figure 11-18 Choose the numbering style you like or create a new one.
Modifying the Numbering Style
If you aren’t particularly happy with the available numbering styles, you can define a new
number format or choose from one of the styles not displayed in the gallery. To create a
new number format, display the Numbering gallery and then click Define New Number
Format. The Define New Number Format dialog box appears, providing formatting options
for numbered lists (see Figure 11-19).
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