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Better Authoring Features
Figure 1-4 The Mini Translator pops up over your Word window and enables you to copy,
look up, or listen to the translation.
Check what you mean—as well as what you say. The new contextual spelling
checker helps you check your document for errors in usage as well as spelling. Did
you say “there” when you meant to say “their”? Or did you use “loose” instead of
“lose”? The new contextual spelling checker points out these and other errors so that
you can make sure your document is as grammatically accurate as possible.
Improve pictures with artistic effects and enhanced editing. Word 2010 now
includes specialized filters that you can apply to the images you place in your
documents. Instead of including a regular photo of a new product, for example (although
you might want to include that elsewhere in your document), you can stylize the
image by applying one of any number of cool effects, such as glass, pencil sketch,
plastic wrap, and more (see Figure 1-5). You can also control the balance, saturation,
contrast, and more in your photos by using the expanded editing capabilities—you
can even remove the picture background, which you’ll learn more about in Chapter 17,
“Adding and Editing Pictures and Screenshots.”
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