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Restarting Numbering
Figure 11-20 Use the Set Numbering Value dialog box to continue a numbered list or skip
Right-click the first incorrect number in a numbered list and then click Continue
Restarting Numbering
Restarting numbered lists is similar to continuing numbered lists. The main difference
is that you’ll choose the Restart Numbering option instead of the Continue Numbering
option. To restart a numbered list with the number 1, take any of the following actions:
Click the AutoCorrect Options button and then click Restart Numbering. (If available.)
Display the Numbering gallery and then click Set Numbering Value. In the dialog
box, select Start New List and type 1 (one) in the Set Value To text box. (This option is
also available when you right-click a list item.)
In a numbered list, right-click the number that you want to change to the number 1
and click Restart At 1.
If you want to restart a list with a number other than 1 (but you don’t want to continue the
preceding list), select Set Numbering Value from the Numbering gallery. Enter a number in
the Set Value To text box and then click OK.
Converting a Bulleted List to a Numbered List (or Vice Versa)
You can easily convert bulleted lists to numbered lists and vice versa. To do so, simply select
the list and then click either the Bullets button or the Numbering button on the Home tab.
After you convert a list, you can tweak the list’s appearance and settings while the list is
selected by using the methods previously described in this chapter.
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