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Changing List Indents
My numbered list will not continue from the previous list.
If you attempt to continue numbering from a previous list, and each time you select
Continue Numbering the list still starts at 1, the underlying problem is that a new list
has been defined in the document. This can occur if you modify the indents by using
the ruler or Paragraph dialog box, or if you change to another list in the Numbering
To resolve this issue, select the last correctly numbered list item, be sure to include the
paragraph mark in your selection since it holds the number format, then on the Home
tab, in the Clipboard group, click the Format Painter to copy the correct list format.
Select the incorrectly numbered list item and be sure to include the paragraph mark in
your selection. The correct number format should be applied.
To permanently resolve the issue, or if you need to change the list indents or adjust the
formatting of the list, create and use a list style, described in the section titled “Creat-
ing a New List Style,” on page 375.
Changing List Indents
Use the Adjust List Indents dialog box to modify the number position, text indent, or change
the character that follows a number or bullet. To display the dialog box, right-click a list
item and click Adjust List Indents. Figure 11-21 displays the Adjust List Indents dialog box.
Figure 11-21 The Adjust List Indents dialog box is where you modify the number position,
indent, and change the character following a number or bullet.
The Adjust List Indents dialog box includes the following options:
Number Position Changes the position of the number or bullet’s indent from the
left margin
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