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Creating a New List Style
Right-click the list item then click Increase Indent to demote the list level, or Decrease
Indent to promote the list level.
Click Multilevel List, then at the bottom of the gallery, point at Change List Level, and
then click the correct list level from the list of choices.
The Multilevel List gallery includes two options for creating a new multilevel list: Define
New Multilevel List and Define New List Style. The Define New Multilevel List command is
for creating a list that you won’t ever change. The Define New List Style command
essentially provides “packaging” for a multilevel list that can be easily modified and shared with
other documents. Thus, the best practice is to define a new list style as opposed to defining
a new multilevel list.
When you create a new list style, you have more control over the list. For example, you can
apply the correct list to related list items; format the list style, such as modifying indents;
and delete unneeded list styles from your document.
In the next two sections, you learn more about creating list styles.
Creating a New List Style
When you’re looking for a specific type of list that doesn’t appear in the Multilevel List
gallery, Word 2010 gives you the option of creating the new list yourself. To Begin the process
of creating a new list style, on the Home tab, click the arrow to the right of Multilevel List in
the Paragraph group. At the bottom of the gallery, click Define New List Style. The Define
New List Style dialog box will appear, as you see in Figure 11-23.
Figure 11-23 Creating a new multilevel list begins in the Define New List Style dialog box.
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