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Creating a New List Style
To complete your new list style, follow these steps:
In the Name text box, type a name for your style.
2. For a simple list, use the formatting options provided in the Define New List Style
dialog box.
For example, select a number format or bullet for each level of your list. For a more
complex list, or to adjust the list indents, click the Format button at the bottom of the
dialog box and then click Numbering. The Modify Multilevel list dialog box is shown
in Figure 11-24.
Figure 11-24 Set new styles and formatting for the list in the Modify Multilevel list
dialog box.
In Click Level To Modify, verify level 1 is selected and then set the following options
in the order provided here (the order provided is based on the best method to follow,
not the order the options appear in the dialog box):
Number Format Select a Number Style from the Number Style For This Level
list. If creating a multilevel list style using bullets, scroll to the bottom of the list
to view bullet and picture options.
Enter Formatting For Number Modify the character preceding or following
the previously selected number or bullet. For example, replace a parenthesis
with a period, or add text preceding the number, such as Chapter or Heading.
Caution !
If you modify the shaded value (the number or character selected by using the Number
Style For This Level list), the value will not dynamically update.
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