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Creating a New List Style
Font Click the Font button to change the font formatting for the list number
or character.
Include level number from This option is enabled for levels 2 through 9. It
provides the ability to include the number from the previous level, such as 2a),
a format that is often used in technical documents.
To use legal style numbering, such as 2.1.1, click More and select the Legal Style
Numbering option. The Number list will be disabled, and each level will use
legal style numbering. In the Include Level Number From list, select each level of
numbering you want to include. For example, for Level 3, select Level 1 and then
select Level 2.
If you want periods to appear between the numbers, type them in the Enter
formatting for number text box after you select each level from the Include level
number from list.
Position Change the Number Alignment, if necessary. In the Aligned At text
box, type a value for the space between the left margin and the number (Left
Indent). In the Text Indent At text box, type a value for the space between the
number and list text (Hanging Indent).
To set consistent spacing for each list level so that the next level begins below
the text position of the previous level, click Set for all levels and modify the
settings accordingly. A standard offset is 0.25 inches, or 0.64 centimeters, between
list levels.
4. Select the next list level and modify the formatting options using the recommended
order provided in step 3. Repeat for any additional list levels.
5. When you are finished defining your list style, click OK to close the Multilevel List
Style dialog box. Then click OK to close the Define New List Style dialog box and
create your new list style.
After you have created your list style, you can use it as you would any other list in the
Multilevel List gallery. Your new list style will appear in the section titled List Styles.
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