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Applying and Customizing Quick Styles
The styles you use for formatting lists and text in your document are found on the
Home tab, in the Paragraph and Styles groups. The styles used for formatting tables
appear on the Table Tools contextual tab. To learn more about table styles in Word
2010, see Chapter 15, “Clarify Your Concepts in Professional Tables.”
Word 2010 also provides the Styles gallery and the Styles pane to help you see which styles
are available in your document and choose or modify them to suit your needs.
Watching Styles as You Work
I f you want to see which styles are currently in play in the document you’re working
on, you can display a Style area along the left side of your document. The area lists
the various styles connected to paragraphs, headings, images, and more in your
document text. To display the Styles area, follow these steps:
1. On the File tab, click Options.
2. On the Advanced tab, scroll to Display options.
3. Increase the Style Area Pane Width in Draft and Outline View value, and then
click OK.
4. Click Draft to see the styles currently in use.
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