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Style Fundamentals
You can leave the Style area displayed while you work if you want to be able to check styles
as you move along in your document. You can add content and edit in Page Layout mode,
and then click the Draft tool in the lower-right corner of the screen to check your styles
periodically. If you want to close the Styles area later, simply redisplay the Advanced tab,
scroll to Display options, and return the Style Area Pane Width in Draft and Outline View
value to 0.
Style Fundamentals
You’ll find the Styles gallery at the right side on the Home tab, in the Styles group. To see
all the styles that are currently available based on the theme you’ve selected, click the Styles
More button. The gallery offers a number of styles of different sorts—headline styles, body
text styles, quotes, and more (see Figure 12-1).
Figure 12-1 The Styles gallery offers a collection of styles based on the currently selected theme
that you are likely to want to apply.
You’ll notice a couple of things about the styles in the gallery. First, each selection shows a
preview of the way the text will look when it’s formatted in that particular style. The styles
offer different font sizes, styles, and effects (such as underline or font color). Notice also
that to the left of some of the styles in the gallery, you see a small paragraph mark. This
mark lets you know what kind of style you’re selecting. The ones with a paragraph mark are
known—not surprisingly—as paragraph styles.
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