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Style Fundamentals
Word has five primary types of styles for formatting specific content, which are described in
the following list:
Paragraph Used for formatting a paragraph as a whole. Attributes for an entire
paragraph, such as alignment, line spacing, indents, tabs, paragraph spacing, borders,
and shading, can be defined in a paragraph style. Fonts can also be part of a
paragraph style. In addition, you can apply character styles locally within a paragraph to
add specific formatting attributes to selected words.
The Default Paragraph Font is used when a paragraph contains no direct font
formatting and a character style is not applied.
Character Character styles are designed to change the format of individual
characters, letters, words, or phrases. You might apply a character style, for example, to
boldface a particular product name or to make a definition term stand out. Character
styles, in effect, layer over paragraph styles so both can be used at once. Additionally,
linked styles can be used as both paragraph and character styles.
Because the bold format is considered a toggle format, if a character style that
includes the bold format is used with a paragraph style that is also defined with
the bold format, the character style cancels out the bold of the paragraph style,
which results in text that is not bold. This is an idiosyncrasy of toggle formats:
two “on codes” result in an “off code,” so the resulting text will not appear in
Linked Style A linked style is a combination paragraph and character style. Font
formats defined in the style can be used as a character style and applied to a
portion of a paragraph, or it can be used as a paragraph style with both the font and
paragraph formats applied to the entire paragraph. If you select text within a
paragraph and apply a style but the entire paragraph is formatted, then you are using a
paragraph style rather than a linked style. Note that Word 2010 includes many linked
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