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Exploring the Quick Style Gallery and Quick Style Sets
Exploring the Quick Style Gallery and Quick Style Sets
Quick Styles were introduced in Word 2007; in Word 2010, they continue to offer sets of
styles that you can easily apply to your documents—with a single click. Quick Styles are
designed to look good together so you can feel confident about the formats you apply.
Quick Styles come in a variety of designs, which gives you a wide range of choices for the
look and feel of your document.
Word 2003
Word 2010
Quick Styles help to automate the formats you apply to your document and reduce the
amount of work you need to do if you decide to change the look and feel of the document
or reuse some of the content in another file. Because Quick Styles are tied to themes, when
you choose a different theme, the look and feel of the headings, body text, list styles, and
more will change automatically. And you can create a completely different look by
choosing a different Quick Style set for your document.
If you have created new formats in your document but not applied styles to text
elements, those items will not be updated automatically when you change Quick Style
sets or themes.
You might have noticed that the term Quick Styles is used in other chapters. It is not
used in reference to the Styles group found on the Home tab because the term Quick
Styles is not limited to text styles. Quick Styles are galleries of predeined formats
found throughout Word 2010, such as the Picture gallery (Picture Quick Styles), the
Chart gallery (Chart Quick Styles), and the SmartArt gallery (SmartArt Quick Styles), to
name but a few. For a better understanding, if you reduce the width of your Word
window small enough, the auto scale functionality of the Ribbon reduces these in-Ribbon
galleries to a single button labeled Quick Styles.
For the sake of clarity, in this chapter, the term Quick Styles refers to the Quick Style
gallery found on the Home tab.
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