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Switching and Modifying Quick Style Sets
What if the desired style isn’t quite what you are looking for? Perhaps you’d rather see
Heading 1 formatted in a different font color instead. You can update a style using the
Quick Style gallery by following these simple steps:
1. Select the paragraph you want to change and apply the new setting for the attributes
you want to modify (for example, apply the color choice you want).
2. With the text selected, on the Home tab, right-click Heading 1 in the Quick Style
gallery. Click Update Heading 1 To Match Selection.
Heading 1 should now be updated to match the formats specified in the current
That’s all you need to do to redefine a style. If you want to verify your results, place your
cursor in the second paragraph and click the Heading 1 style in the Quick Style gallery.
You might have noticed other options when you right-clicked the style, such as Select All
# Instance(s); Rename, which allows you to rename the style; Remove From Quick Style
Gallery, which removes the style from the gallery but does not remove the style from the
document; and Modify, as shown in the following image.
The Modify option opens the Modify Style dialog box and provides additional options that
are not available when updating a style using the Update Style Name To Match Selection
method. You can learn more about the Modify Style dialog box in the section titled “Creat-
ing and Modifying Styles,” on page 395.
Switching and Modifying Quick Style Sets
The 11 different Quick Style Sets give you a wide range to choose from as you’re planning
the overall design of your document. From traditional to modern, from contemplative to
businesslike, the different style sets convey unique senses of tone and format. You can easily
switch among the Quick Style Sets in your document, applying new fonts, sizes, and styles
for headings, body text, and special text elements in your file—all with a single click. To
exchange a Quick Style Set, follow these steps:
1. Open the document you want to change.
In the Styles group on the Home tab, click Change Styles.
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