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Custom Quick Style Sets
3. Change the style to reflect the formatting you want to include by making your
formatting changes, right-clicking the corresponding style in the Styles gallery, and
clicking Update <style> to Match Selection. For example, if you want to update the
Heading 1 style, change the format in the text in the document that is assigned to
the Heading 1 style, and then right-click Heading 1 in the Style gallery and choose
Update Heading 1 To Match Selection. Repeat as needed with other styles in the
If you want Theme-enabled Quick Style Sets, then use fonts from the Theme Fonts area
of the Font list—use (Headings) or (Body) depending on the type of style you are
modifying or creating—and colors from the Theme Colors area in the Font Color palette.
If you do not want to include a style in your Quick Style Set, right-click the style and
click Remove From Quick Style Gallery.
Note that this does not delete the style, but only removes it from the gallery.
5. Once you make all of your changes, click Change Styles, point to Style Set, and click
Save As Quick Style Set, located at the bottom of the list. The Save Quick Style Set
dialog box displays.
Caution !
In addition to saving the styles listed in the Quick Style Gallery, the Document Defaults
are also saved in a Quick Style Set and should be set accordingly, or you might
encounter undesired results in other styles when using your custom Quick Style Set in other
documents. For more on Document Defaults, see the section titled “Managing Styles,”
on page 404.
In the Save As Quick Style dialog box, do not change the Save In folder. Type a name
for your new Quick Style Set in the File Name text box and then click Save.
Your Quick Style Set is saved in the QuickStyles folder and will now appear in the
Quick Style Set list so that you can choose it for future documents.
7. Test your new Quick Style Set by creating a new document and changing the Quick
Style Set accordingly.
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