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Use Word 2010 Anywhere
also take advantage of high-end typography features available with some OpenType
fonts, including ligatures, stylistic sets, and number styles to extend the look you want
to create.
Chapter 7, “Creating and Reusing Content,” introduces you to the ways that you can
use text effects to spruce up the look of your text and increase your font choices with
OpenType support.
Expanded inking capabilities. Word 2010 now includes improved support for ink users
via an expanded pen palette, enhanced touch sensitivity, and the ability to incorporate
and convert inked content to digitized text and equations. Turn to Chapter 7 for more
information on using ink capabilities in Word 2010.
Use Word 2010 Anywhere
When was the last time you sat at your desk all day long and worked on one continuous
document? We thought so. Word 2010 takes into account the needs of today’s user, who is
often on the go, juggling multiple projects, and working seamlessly with others down the
hall or around the world. New features that help you take Word 2010 beyond your desktop
PC include:
The Word Web App. Now you can access your Word 2010 files and review, edit,
update, format, and share them normally from any point where you have Web access.
Using your SharePoint Workspace or Windows Live SkyDrive account, you can access
your saved files and work with them in a Web version of the Word 2010 interface
you’re accustomed to (see Figure 1-6). This means you don’t need to carry a lash
drive or e-mail documents to yourself in order to access them in different places.
Seamless saving to the server. Working with others means that you might be
regularly saving the files you create in a shared server space or posting your documents
to Windows Live SkyDrive so that others can access them. You can save your files to
your shared space as easily as you save a document on your hard drive in the office.
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