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Working with the Styles Pane
If the command reads Set Default for Template Name Template, then the defaults are set
for all documents based on the template indicated in the text of the command.
Working with the Styles Pane
If you are wondering about the other built-in styles not shown by default in the Quick Style
gallery, this section of the chapter covers how you can access them.
Along with the Quick Style gallery, there are two additional tools—the Styles pane and the
Apply Styles pane—that you can use to access styles as well as another style tool designed
specifically for the Quick Access Toolbar (discussed in the Inside Out tip titled “Where is the
Old Styles Combo Box?” on page 391). In general, these tools provide the same functionality,
and you can use them either in combination or use only the tool that meets your needs.
The following list describes the Styles pane and Apply Styles pane and how to access them:
Styles pane. The Styles pane is your primary tool for applying and modifying styles.
This pane provides a list of styles and gives you access to style management tools,
such as the New Style dialog box, Style Inspector, and Manage Styles dialog box. To
access the Styles pane, click the dialog launcher in the Styles group on the Home tab,
or press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S to toggle its view. The Styles pane can float or be docked
along the side of your document window.
Apply Styles pane. Smaller than the Styles pane, the Apply Styles pane uses
a combo box to access styles. It is intended to be used as a small floating pane,
but it can also be docked. To access the Apply Styles pane, click the More button
on the Quick Styles gallery and then click Apply Styles below the gallery, or press
Ctrl+Shift+S to display the Apply Styles pane shown here:
To apply a style using any of these tools, simply place your cursor in a paragraph—you can
also select a portion of a paragraph or select multiple paragraphs—and then click the style
to apply it.
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