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Mastering the Styles Pane
I can’t use the Select All or Clear All options in the Styles pane.
If you find that the Select All or Clear Formatting options are disabled when you click
the arrow to the left of a style in the Styles pane and the style is in use (even if the
disabled text indicates it isn’t), this typically occurs because the Keep Track Of Formatting
option is not selected in the Word Options dialog box. To locate this option, display
Word Options and click Advanced. The Keep Track Of Formatting option can be found
in the Editing Options area.
The Hide Built-in Name When Alternate Name Exists option is used when an alias, or
another name, is assigned to a style. They are created by typing a comma after the style
name when creating, modifying, or renaming a style and then typing the alias. If you
see a style name such as Heading 1, H1, H1 is the alias. The primary purpose of an alias
is to facilitate quick navigation to the style when using the keyboard method to apply
styles using either the Apply Styles pane or Styles combo box.
Selecting and Changing All Instances of a Style
Once you apply styles to your text, changing the look of your document becomes
much easier. With styles applied, you can easily select all instances of a style which
can speed up a number of tasks related to consistent formatting of similar elements.
For example, you might want to select all instances of styled text because you want
to replace one style with another. You might want to delete all text that appears in a
particular style (such as all paragraphs formatted as Production Notes within a working
document), or you might want to copy all similarly styled elements to a new document
(such as all headlines from a newsletter to create a promotional piece). Regardless of
your reasons, the Select All Instances of Style Name can make short work of what #
could otherwise be cumbersome tasks. To access Select All Instances of Style Name , #
right-click a style in the Quick Style gallery or on the options displayed when clicking
the arrow to the left of a style on the Styles pane.
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