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Inspecting Styles
Inspecting Styles
To open the Style Inspector, click the Style Inspector button in the Styles pane (press
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S to open the Styles pane). You can keep the Styles Inspector open even if
you close the Styles pane or change views. Figure 12-7 shows the Style Inspector.
Figure 12-7 Use the Style Inspector to ensure that your styles are applied properly.
The Style Inspector distinguishes Paragraph Formatting and Text Level Formatting along
with any additional direct formats that might be applied. It also provides four buttons for
clearing formats. Each button uses the same icon, but they each serve a different purpose
as described in the following list:
Reset To Normal Paragraph Style Resets the paragraph to the Normal style but
leaves any character styles or direct font formatting.
Clear Paragraph Formatting (Ctrl+Q) Clears any direct paragraph formats listed in
the Plus area, such as an indent that is not defined in the style.
Clear Character Style Clears a character style and resets font formatting to the
Default Paragraph Font but leaves any direct font formatting.
Clear Character Formatting (Ctrl+Spacebar) Clears any direct font formatting
listed in the Plus area, such as a font that is not defined in the style.
Reveal Formatting Task Pane
If you like to see all the different settings that go into a style you’ve selected, you’ll like
using the Reveal Formatting pane. You can display the pane by clicking the Reveal
Formatting button in the Style Inspector or by clicking text in the style you want to inspect and
pressing Shift+F1. Figure 12-8 shows the Reveal Formatting pane.
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