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Inspecting Styles
Figure 12-8 The Reveal Formatting pane lists the format settings for the text at the insertion
The Reveal Formatting pane lists all of the format specifications for the selected text. The
format items are grouped into three basic categories:
Font This group includes format settings that apply to the characters used in the
document, including the font type and size, as well as the proofing language for the
selected text.
Paragraph This group contains format settings for aspects of the paragraph, such
as the selected paragraph style, text alignment, indentation settings, and paragraph
spacing (before and after spacing, as well as line spacing).
Section This group includes the format settings you use to control larger portions
of the document, including overall margin settings, page layout choices, and paper
Depending on the selected text, other areas display in the Reveal Formatting pane. For
example, a table includes Table and Cell areas, and a numbered or bulleted list has a
Bullets and Numbering area.
You can make formatting changes to the text at the insertion point directly from the Reveal
Formatting pane by simply clicking the blue underlined link to open the relevant dialog box.
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