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Inspecting Styles
Comparing to Other Text Formats
Another great time-saving option available to you in the Reveal Formatting pane is the
ability to compare and contrast similar text styles with subtle differences. Have you ever
studied a heading and wondered why it doesn’t look quite right when compared with
another heading in your document? You can use Reveal Formatting to compare the
formatting differences for you, as shown in the following graphic.
To display this type of comparison, follow these steps:
1. Select the first text selection and press Shift+F1 to display the Reveal Formatting
2. Select the Compare to another selection check box.
3. Choose the second selection. The Reveal Formatting pane shows every formatting
difference between the selections.
If you want to modify either of the formats, click the blue underlined links in the task
pane to open the relevant dialog box.
To access additional options for the compared text, click in one of the Selected Text
boxes and click the arrow to the right of the compared text. Options include Select
All Text With Similar Formatting, Apply Formatting Of Original Selection, and Clear
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