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Keyboard Shortcuts for Styles
if you do not modify your Normal style and if you base your styles on the Normal style,
essentially you are using the Document Defaults, and changes made to the Document
Defaults are reflected in the Normal style.
The exposure of Document Defaults also changes the behavior of using (No Style) as your
base style from previous versions. Like the Normal style, (No Style) also looks to the
Document Defaults to obtain base formats. If your formats are not explicitly defined in your
style, then those from the Document Defaults are used.
For example, assume that you base a style on (No Style) and do not use a font that is
different from the font defined in the Document Defaults. If you later change the font in the
Document Defaults, that change is also reflected in the style. It might be interesting to note
that the behavior of (No Style) hasn’t actually changed from previous versions; previously
you simply did not have access to the Document Defaults and were unable to make
formatting modifications.
At this point, you might be wondering whether you should ever modify the Normal style
if you are using it as your based-on style. This answer depends on the complexity of your
document. If it is a simple letter, memo, or small report, modifying the Normal style should
not be an issue. However, you might find it easier to leave the Normal style unmodified,
use it as your based-on style, and then set the base formats using the Document Defaults.
If your document or template maximizes the power of styles, it’s better to leave the Normal
style untouched. You should modify the Document Defaults instead.
Keyboard Shortcuts for Styles
Keyboard shortcuts give you an easy way to apply the styles you want while you’re
creating your document. This means that you don’t have to go from keyboard to mouse and
back again; you can simply keep your hands on the keyboard and style away to your heart’s
content. You can use a built-in shortcut or create a keyboard shortcut that you can press
whenever you need a particular style. Table 12-1 lists commonly used keyboard shortcuts
for a few built-in styles.
Table 12-1 Keyboard Shortcuts for Built-in Styles
Keyboard shortcut
Heading 1
Heading 2
Heading 3
Demote Heading Level
Alt+Shift+Right Arrow
Promote Heading Level
Alt+Shift+Left Arrow
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