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In the Save Changes In list box, specify whether you want to save the keyboard
shortcut in the global Normal template, in another template, or in the active
document only (thereby not adding the shortcut to any template).
If you save a keyboard shortcut in a template, make sure you also have the New
Documents Based On This Template option selected in the Modify Or Create
Style dialog box. Otherwise, you could inadvertently create a keyboard shortcut
in the template that does include the style.
7. Click Assign, Close, and OK to close the Modify Style dialog box.
8. Test your keyboard shortcut to confirm your results.
To remove the keyboard shortcut, follow the same steps for adding a shortcut to open the
Customize Keyboard dialog box. In the Customize Keyboard dialog box, select the shortcut
in the Current Keys area, use the Save Changes In list to specify where to implement the
removal, and then click Remove.
What’s Next?
This chapter showed you how you can use Word 2010 styles to control the formatting in
your documents and introduced you to the tools you can use to manage your styles and
inspect text formatting. The next chapter offers another way to view and organize your
document content—using Outline view to review and arrange sections in a way that best
its the information you’re sharing.
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