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Figure 1-7 The Word 2010 window.
Exploring the Ribbon
The Ribbon across the top of the window organizes the tools in tabs, which reflect the
different tasks you are likely to want to accomplish with the program. For example, when you
create the document, the Home tab provides the commands you are likely to use as you
start out. When you want to add pictures, shapes, diagrams, and more, you find the tools
you need on the Insert tab. When you’re ready to share your document with others, the
Review tab offers a variety of tools for preparing the file for review and working with
the review copies when you receive them.
The Ribbon, as it appears by default, includes all the following elements:
Tabs (home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and View). Tabs
stretch across the screen just below the window’s title bar. You can also customize the
Ribbon by adding tabs and tab groups that provide tools you use most often.
Groups. These are collections of tools available on the Ribbon when a specific tab
is selected. For example, on the Insert tab, the groups displayed include Pages, Tables,
Illustrations, Links, Header & Footer, Text, and Symbols.
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