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Exploring Outlining Tools
Using the Snipping Tool and Outline View
You can use the Windows Snipping Tool, available in Windows Vista, Windows 7, and
as a downloadable add-on to Windows XP, to grab content from your intranet, public
Web sites, or other projects and post them in your Word documents. To turn it on, click
the Start button and select Snipping Tool. With the document or page you want to snip
displayed on the screen, drag the area of the display you want to capture. When the
Snipping Tool window appears, click Edit and click Copy.
Ues Alt+Tab to display your Word document, and if necessary, click the Outline view
button to display Outline view. Right-click at the point you want to add the
information and click Paste. The snipped content is pasted at the cursor position. You will need
to assign heading levels as appropriate to integrate the new content to the outline.
If you’ve snipped an image, however, you will notice that a blank space appears in the
outline but no picture appears. If you display Page Layout view, you’ll see that the
image was included in the snipped content. At this point the only way to get an image
to appear in Outline view is to save the file in Word 97-2003 format. There’s a trade-off
here, however, because you lose the capabilities of some of the other important
features the Word 2010 offers. If you simply must have access to those images alongside
your Word document, one other option is available: paste the content into a OneNote
2010 side note using Word’s Linked Notes feature in the Review tab. As you see in the
following image, the content appears in the OneNote page to the right of your Word
2010 document.
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