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Creating a New Outline
Creating a New Outline
Creating a new outline in Word is simple. If you’re just starting a document, simply click
the Outline button in the View tools in the lower-right corner of the Word window. Follow
these steps to start the new outline:
1. Type the text for your heading. The heading is automatically formatted in the
Heading 1 style.
2. Press Enter. The insertion point moves to the next line in the outline.
3. To create a sublevel, click Demote on the Outlining toolbar or press Tab.
Word indents the insertion point and changes the first outline symbol (–) to a plus (+)
symbol, indicating that the heading now has a subordinate entry.
4. Type the text for that entry.
5. Press Enter to move to the next line in your outline.
By default, Word creates the next heading at the same level as the heading you last
If you want to create another sublevel, click Demote or press Tab. To raise an entry
one heading level, click the Promote button or press Shift+Tab. If you want to move
all the way out to the left margin and create a Heading 1 outline level when you have
created multiple sublevels, click the Promote To Heading 1 button.
6. Continue typing entries until your outline is completed. Figure 13-3 displays a sample
outline with multiple outline levels.
Figure 13-3 Outlining is a simple matter of identifying key topics in your document,
naming them, and ordering them the way you want.
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